Audit and Follow-Up Work in Progress

At any given time, our audit teams are working on a variety of value-for-money audits, compliance reviews and follow-up reports.

Audits and reviews now in progress include:

  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Bereavement Services
  • Blood Products Management
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Business Case Development
  • Cardiovascular and Stroke Care
  • Condominium Oversight
  • Conserving the Natural Environment with Protected Areas
  • COVID-19 Preparedness and Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Electrical Safety Authority
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Review
  • Greenhouse Gases and Buildings
  • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Waste Diversion
  • Information Technology Systems at Metrolinx
  • Indigenous Programs and Services
  • Metrolinx Governance and Operations
  • Office of the Provincial Controller Division
  • Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation
  • Operation of the Environmental Bill of Rights
  • Oversight and Management of Museums
  • Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority
  • School Board Financial Statement Disclosures
  • Supportive Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Virtual Care

If you have information or would like to contribute to any audits or reviews now in progress, please complete the Public Requests Form.


Two-Year Follow-Up Reports


The Auditor General follows up on audits and reviews two years after they are completed and released in Annual Reports or Special Reports (see above). Follow-up reports provide updates on actions taken on the original report’s recommendations. The Auditor General also follows up on recommendations made by the Standing Committee on Public Accounts. These are recommendations from reports of the Standing Committee in response to the Auditor General’s reports.

Follow-up work is being conducted on the following reports:

  • Assistive Devices Program
  • Cancer Treatment Services (Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Refurbishment Project (includes a follow-up on a report by the Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • Health Quality Ontario
  • Interprovincial and International Health Services
  • Legal Aid Ontario
  • Metrolinx—GO Station Selection
  • Metrolinx—LRT Construction and Infrastructure Planning
  • MRI and CT Scanning Services
  • Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
  • Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee
  • Ontario Student Assistance Program
  • Ontario Works (includes a follow-up on a report by the Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • Public Accounts of the Province (Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • Public Health: Chronic Disease Prevention (Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • Real Estate Services (Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • Review of Government Advertising (Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • School Boards—IT Systems and Technology in the Classroom
  • Settlement and Integration Services for Newcomers (Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
  • Technical Standards and Safety Authority
  • Use of Consultants and Senior Advisors in Government
  • Waterfront Toronto


Follow-Up Work Being Performed on Recommendations from the Last Seven Years


The Auditor General conducts continuous follow-up work on some important audit and review topics from Annual Reports and Special Reports for seven years after initial release to track progress on recommended improvements.

Please see this list of continuous follow-ups now under way.